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Your ideal travel and tours agency in Melbourne today will guide you toward the most spectacular and exciting, yet relaxing vacations ever. Believe it or not, these comprehensive vacation tours are also quite affordable and free of hassles and stress. Now, those distant, exotic places you have always dreamed of visiting can become reality as your next major holiday excursion. By working with a top-tier travel agency offering the very latest travel opportunities for fabulous trips with myriad discounts, perks and add-on surprises, you can now choose an exquisite, highly desirable vacation destination without concerns about draining your travel budget.

Amazing Hassle-Free and Affordable Vacation Tours to Highly Desirable Destinations

Even with the fluctuating worldwide economies today, with the right savvy travel agency advising you, you can enjoy a marvelous affordable vacation tour, free of stress or hassles, to your favorite desirable global destinations, including such gems as:

  • “Indulge in the Maldives.”– This outstanding tour will take you to the breathtakingly beautiful Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean of South Asia. This ocean paradise consists of 26 atolls that are ring-shaped, which contain a total of 1,000 separate islands. The brilliant white sandy beaches meet dazzling turquoise and deeper blue waters, creating a series of exquisite oceanic havens. Your expert travel agency can guarantee you a unique, unforgettable Maldives vacation package this summer if you book your departure between May 15th and June 30th, 2018.

For the unbelievably reasonable price of just $1,610 per person, you can book a waterside stay with on-land, highly rated accommodations. For only $420 more per person, you can stay in a deluxe water villa, surrounded by the gorgeous on-ocean view. When you choose a special seasonal 5-night travel package, you will delight in an ocean front beach villa with a half-board meal plan that includes a full, delicious breakfast and dinner. As you and other guests tour the shimmering blue lagoons and enjoy beach games, snorkeling and other water sports or the nearby scenic scuba diving sites, you will be totally convinced that you have discovered a truly unbeatable, perfect tropical haven for the ideal luxury escape.

  • “Africa Overland Tour.”– From June 1st through August 31st, 2018, you can contact your expert travel agent to book an exquisite journey to experience a spectacular overland tour in Africa. This tour comes with a fabulous starting perk—when booking during these dates, another person can travel free on the safari segment of your tour, only paying the local travel fee in Africa. Two of the numerous intriguing tours available currently are the following amazing travel packages, simply not to be missed:

Nine Day Tour: Windhoek to Victoria Falls

Visit exciting Namibia, Botswana and more during this glorious excursion. This limited time package offer is available from just USD 1,640 (AUD 1,095) plus the minor local fee of only USD 390. While visiting Namibia, you will see such thrilling sites as those at the Etosha National Park Wildlife Reserve with its many diversified views and inhabitants such as lions, elephants and rhinos mingling in this expansive “coastal desert.”

During your time in Botswana, you will take in such panoramic sites as the Central Kalahari Game Reserve with its fossilized river valleys and captivating, never-ending grasslands inhabited by giraffes, hyenas and cheetahs.

Thirty-Two Days on Southern Safari

Enjoy fabulous sites in Nairobi, Johannesburg and many locales between these destinations for unbelievably low rates of from USD 5,675 (AUD 3,245) plus the local payment of just USD 1,735.

While visiting Nairobi, Kenya, you will have such splendid experiences as a trip along the famed Safari Walk in Nairobi National Park that winds through tall grasslands that are home to leopards, lions and cheetahs.

During your tour in Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city and capital of the Gauteng province, you will enjoy such sites as Soweto township, formerly home to both Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. The former Mandela home is now the “Mandela House Museum,” a fascinating place to visit.

By consulting our expert agents at Glimpse Travel located in Gladstone Park, Victoria, and serving the entire Melbourne region, you will receive excellent advice, information and bookings for truly spectacular vacations that are affordable and completely hassle-free. If your summer plans this year leave room for an exotic, exciting, inspiring and recreational travel tour extravaganza, contact our helpful travel pros today.

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