Basic Checklist and Guide for First Time Travelers

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If you are planning your first international vacation or will be leaving soon on your first business trip, take time to create a basic travel checklist. Your list should include all the essential things you need to remember to do before you travel. By making your list early, you will avoid forgetting to include items you will need while away and important things you need to do before your travel date.

Along with stopping any regular deliveries to your home while you will be away and arranging for your dog to stay with a neighbor, there are other things to accomplish before you travel to make your trip successful, easier and fully enjoyable.

Your Basic Checklist and Guide as a First Time Traveler Today

Your essential checklist and guide concerning major steps to take before traveling to help ensure a successful, stress-free, easy-going and thoroughly enjoyable trip should include the following entries:

• Create an Itinerary. – Compose an itinerary that includes your basic plans for each day of your trip. Especially if you will spend time in different cities and locales while away, your itinerary will keep you organised and on schedule for the duration of your trip. Include your flight, train, bus or driving route information and accommodations, addresses and phone numbers you will need as well.

If you have business meetings scheduled, be sure to include them. Even if you are planning a leisurely vacation trip, research the sites and events you want to see while away and include this data on your itinerary. Check to see if you can book events and sightseeing dates online before you go.

• Passport and Visa.
 – Be aware that many countries will refuse your entry as a visitor during the last six months that your passport is valid. Some countries will consider your passport valid if you enter their borders up to six months before the expiration of your passport. However, some airlines will only approve use of your passport for leaving your home country if this document will be valid at least six months from the date you will arrive back home following your trip.

Be sure to check the government websites of other countries you plan to visit well in advance of your trip for their visa requirements. If you will be visiting a country that does require a valid visa for entry, apply in advance for your visa. You can also apply through a service such as Visas Direct.

• Medical Needs.
 – Before leaving your home country on an extended trip, it is advisable to see a doctor for a medical check-up. Be sure to refill any prescription medications that you may be taking. If you need any medical advice while traveling, refer to helpful websites like or

• Car Hire and International Licence.
 – Check with your travel agent or visit the website of the city or locale you will be visiting to get information about hiring a car while there as well as the cost of car insurance and whether you should obtain an international driver’s licence.

• Credit Cards and Foreign Cash. – Plan to use the credit cards that charge the lowest transaction fees while traveling. When traveling abroad, always pay in local currency to get the most value for your money. For your convenience, you can change your money for foreign currency at the airport to avoid finding local banks and currency exchange points at your destination.

• Digital Devices. – Since everyone relies on smartphones, tablets and laptops as well as cameras, make sure you have extra batteries, chargers, multi-country SIM cards and country-specific sockets while traveling abroad. For some devices, you may also need adapters.

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