Pre-Arranged Tours or Self-Organised? What Are the Pros and Cons?

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After years of scrimping and saving, the time is finally here for your vacation. You will have days to explore and enjoy your destination’s venues and/or scenic wonders. The only problem you are having with planning your trip is whether you should avail yourself of guided or pre-arranged tours or whether you want to self-organise your own tours. With self-organised or self-guided tours, you will receive the necessary information to enjoy your destination, but you will need to set your own schedule and route. On the other hand, the pre-arranged tours offer guides who help you on your exploration and plus, you will be part of a group. That makes the latter choice a much more social experience, especially if you are traveling on your own. Below, we offer pros and cons for both travel methods to help you select the right one for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Organised Tours

You have total flexibility of your schedule when you plan your own tours. Also, you can linger at each stop as long as you like. If you want total privacy on your trip, this also may be the right choice for you. An additional benefit to this choice is that you can change your plans at will.

One problem with self-oganised tours is that you may miss some important information about each stop that you may find interesting. Another problem is that if you become lost on your way, you may have difficulty receiving clear instructions back to your lodgings. You also may miss out on group discounts for food and attraction fees.

Pros and Cons of Pre-Arranged Tours

All planning is done for you with guided tours, which takes the work out of your trip. You just need to follow the guide’s lead to have an enjoyable day. Also, a tour guide will ensure that you will not get lost during your journey, and this keeps you safe as well. Guides will know unusual bits of information about the various venues and sites that you may not learn any other way. If the pre-arranged tours include a group of travelers, you will make new friends while being able to take advantage of group discounts many times for food and attraction fees.

On the downside, a guided tour might include places that you find not to your liking. Also, you have to adhere to a strict schedule. No room for impulsive actions.

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